Labor Day: Not Just an American Holiday

Labor Day:Just American?When you go to Wikipedia and look up Labor Day, you’ll find yourself reading a lot of “blah, blah, blahs”.

What is this holiday is all about? In short, it was about how a bunch of American workers simply got fed up with unfair labor situations (and significantly lost wages) and decided to go on strike for their rights. After about a week of this strike, they got what they wanted and a national holiday to recognize the true value in the labor force.

Think about it: Would you be able to stand up for your own unfair labor situation?

So while Labor Day, to us, probably means many things:

  • A three-day weekend
  • One last summer cookout
  • The unofficial end to summer
  • A weekend of great sales at Macy’s and Targets all across America
  • And maybe even an extra day of rest for those of us who are overworked

It’s really about fairness, happiness, and moral/ethical obligations. No matter where you happen to live in the world, you realize how important these attributes are in any workplace.

The meaning of this holiday this year seems to reach beyond just an old American tradition; it seems to have more significance in the entire global workforce. Labor Day is the day that we are focusing on societal working conditions.

  • So, what are your working conditions like?
  • Do you work too many hours for too little in return?
  • Are you getting the credit for all the work that you do?
  • Are you happy with whatever it is that you do?
  • Think about it, and make sure that you recognize that

Life is too short to answer unfavorably to any of those questions. Write down a few things you want to be different by NEXT Labor Day.