Google Voicemail Transcription

Hello! My name is Amber Whitener, and I am the owner of Virtual IT Assistants. I am so excited to begin a WordPress blog with other talented Virtual Assistants so we might all learn from each other!

At work, I am revving up for another new year full of prospects and possibilities! Over the past year, I have tried countless applications and services that have been developed (with an intent) to make our jobs and staying in touch, easier. Because we are all in the business of meeting needs as efficiently as possible, I am going to share some tools that will help you streamline your business processes.

This post is to reveal a new service that I have found to make life and business better with a little automation. You know how it is when you find a twenty dollar bill in your pocket? Services and applications that really do some of my work for me is like finding extra money every day! Time is money right? This is especially true for small businesses. So, let’s get to it!


Ok, so you’ve heard about Google Voice. Maybe you’ve already received your invite and had it set up. Even if you don’t use it as a main contact number, you may find this feature handy. Google Voice will be your own personal transcriptionist! Log in to your Google Voice account and go into settings under “Voicemail and SMS” and turn on “Transcribe Voicemails”. The name is self-explanatory; it will transcribe your voicemails into text and email you the transcription. I called my Google Voice number, left myself a message, and here are the results of my test.

This is an MP3 of my actual voicemail:

And this is how Google transcribed the message:
Hello, this is Amber Whitener and I am testing out the ability of the transcription for. Duke’ll voicemail and this getting really handy if this works because I am always writing down quick messages and just making myself. Bunch of own notes to remember it’s a blog about, or just even tasks I need to do, but if you call myself in the house on my own voicemail type it out for me. That would be awesome. So anyways, this is my test and hopefully it works, and even with background noise because I’ve got commercials and people on the background so that’s right. Bye.

As you can see, the accuracy isn’t perfect, but neither is our handwriting when we jot down a note. Right? I even rambled on a little just to see what it would type out and how long it would go. It seems it will record and transcribe more than a minute of text! I imagine that the type of phone you use to leave yourself the message could matter, but I had a lot of background noise and it was still a very good result. After all, if you had to be in a completely quiet and optimal setting, this wouldn’t be as valuable a tool. However, I am very pleased with this result and it was simple enough to setup, even for a beginner.

Thanks again for the great new tool, Google! Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing more every Monday.