Getting The "Message" Out

In my never-ending quest for easy and quick ways to maneuver around Microsoft Outlook, I came across these two gems from Heinz Tschabitscher.  He writes a weekly column on Microsoft Outlook for   Normally, I read his tips and sock them away for a later date for my own personal use; however, I felt these two tips were worth sharing. 

I don’t know about you, but one of my pet peeves is getting an email with misspellings.  It drives me bananas and if I have to forward that same email on….what’s a girl to do?  Fortunately, I have found the answer, thanks to Heinz Tschabitscher:

  • Double-click on the message that needs to be edited so it opens up fully in its own window
  • From the toolbar, click on “Other Actions”, then “Edit Message”
  • Next, make all the changes you want or need within the body of the email as well as the subject line (if necessary)
  • Finally, press the “Control” key and the “S” key (to save it)

Now you can forward the email with confidence!

Now, have you ever received an email or a forwarded email with another email sent as an attachment?  I have and I’ve always wanted to know how to do that.  Not only because the email looks “cleaner”, but because it makes more sense, organizationally, as well.  Let me explain.  I am all about simplifying things and that extends to emails, too.  When I receive an email that has several forwards to it, I usually end up deleting it.  I don’t have the time, nor do I have the patience to read clear down to the bottom of the email to see what was so important.  However, if someone was to attach the original email and then send it on its merry way, I bet, it would get read and answered more quickly.  The message is considerably shorter and therefore, would seem at least to me, of more significance.  So, I went on a hunt and found out how this “cleaner” way to forward an email can be accomplished:

  • From the menu, click on “Tools”, then “Options”
  • Select the “Preferences” tab
  • Next, click on “Email Options”
  • Under “When forwarding a message” make sure to select “Attach original message”
  • Then, click “OK” and then once more
  • Next, highlight any messages you want to forward and click “Forward”
  • Finally, address and send the email with the original messages as attachments and include any comments in the body of your email

These two tips were definitely “AH HA” moments for me and I have been utilizing them ever since.  I hope they are as helpful for you.