Get Started in Genealogy

Old PhotographsOne idea for starting an online business you can run from home is Ancestry research.

There are lots of people who are unable to research their family history online. Why not offer a quality type of this virtual assistant service to your local community and charge an hourly rate?

Here’s what you’ll need to get started for free:

  1. Have a test subject, (like yourself) and build a family tree.

    When it comes to researching a person’s roots and really find out which research methods work best for you. Be your own guinea pig. You would NOT want to ever give anyone false information, so make sure you have a disclaimer and guarantee written for your services. This protects both you and your clients! Let them know you will be as concrete as you can with the information they have given you and the fact that varying sources online may have conflicting information. – And believe me, you will find conflicting information.

  2. Know where to find facts.

    • Free Ancestor Research Sites

    • is a free community that is also an
    • – Find obituaries and death notices from thousands of sources from all over the world.
    • – Free Family History and Genealogy Records
    • Olive Tree Genealogy – Free Genealogy Resources – including Ship Passenger Lists – Emigration, Immigration, Citizenship & Naturalization Research – Check out their ancestry help for beginners. is the best ancestry research tool you will find anywhere.

  3. Know how to organize your research and present your final product.