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The best way to get free web presence is to start one of these blogs : WordPress, WebNode, Blogger, LiveJournal, or Squidoo. Squidoo calls their sub sites “lenses”. Use your business name for example mine is darkbluesun So I have a website with blogger: (I know it says blogspot instead of blogger, I don’t know why they did that but it is, in fact, blogger.) And I have a Squidoo lens: see? I found a name that was unique that I could use on most of my online profiles. But if I’d recommend any of them to start out with, it’d have to be Blogger it ties in to Google, if you’ve signed up for your Google account and they allow adding Google Ads where sub sites don’t.

When you setup your business site, if you use more than one word like I did: dark, blue, sun. You can capitalize them in a way that will separate them from each other in on your website address.

E.G. Which is easier to read?


List of other Blog Options:

Live Journal
Social Go
ScrapBlog – this would be great for an online catalog.
Google Sites

Google Sites Sample


  1. It builds a sitemap for you.
  2. It allows you to use iframes, so if you have a contact form created in Google docs, you can paste the iframe code in a contact page and voila!
  3. Of course it is compatible with Google Ad Sense. Google integrates everything right?
  4. I believe all of the themes that you can choose from automatically come with a search bar.
  5. Any links you create to outside websites from a address will automatically become rel=”nofollow” links. Learn more about nofollow and dofollow links in my article: 15 Easy Free DoFollow Backlinks to Your Website.

Misc Resources:
When you get a website setup, check out the “MyBlogLog” service.

Then when you are an established Online Business, you can IT Assistant to build this and get even MORE business!