Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
It is currently available to watch from netflix instant queue if you want to check it out.

The Foundational Value of the Film
We eat so much over-processed and vitamin/mineral depleted foods that our bodies are fighting a losing battle to stay healthy. A pure juice fast is a semi-fanatical idea but it really opens your eyes to the benefits of restoring the nutrients back into your body to allow you to fight sickness and disease.

During the movie, they visited a juice bar in Australia that happened to claim that the following ailments can be cured or eased by putting these fruits and vegetables into a juicer and consuming them in all their natural glory. (Some of the concoctions really looked disgusting, but then again so does chocolate cake when you think about it.)

Ailments – and the natural supposed cures
Anemia – carrot spinach watercress
Arthritis – carrot cucumber beet grapefruit
Asthma – carrot celery grapefruit
Cellulite – apple ginger carrot beet
Cleansing Cocktail – carrot apple beet ginger
Cold – carrot parsley ginger garlic
Constipation – carrot spinach apple
Depression – carrot apple beet spinach
Diabetes – carrot celery parsley
Diarrhea – mixed vegetables
Eyes – carrot celery
Fatigue – carrot spinach/orange lemon grapefruit
Gout – carrot celery parsley
Hangover – pineapple honey brewers yeast
Headache – carrot celery parsley
Hemorroids – carrrot spinach
Hypertension – carrot spinach beet pineapple papaya
Impotence – carrot parsley cucumber orange papaya honey
Indigestion – carrot cabbage beet
Kidneys – carrot beet celery
Memory loss – peach lime banana brewers yeast
Menstral – pineapple ginger apple
Nervousness – carrot celery
Peptic Ulcer – carrot cabbage pineapple papaya
PMS pineapple banana soy milk spiru-tein
Stress – banana strawberry pear brewers yeast
Vericose Vein – cantelope banana kiwi