Setup a FaceBook Fan Page

1. Be logged in as page admin – could be yourself or your client requesting the page

2. Go to

3. Complete all of the questions for your page. (Business name, web address, what type of business, etc.)

☆ Note ACCURACY for what you should choose under “what type of business” for your fan page is important. Some things available to share about your fan page under the “Info” on your page depends on what you chose here!

4. Customize Facebook Fan Page, add a profile picture etc.
5. WAIT until your fan page is as complete as possible before you Publish or invite friends.

Facebook Apps to Always Try and Use

Events app can be used to announce seminars, training, any time of business event
Notes can be used to pull an RSS feed into your site and update the wall for you.
Photo app for the portfolio
Video app to show recorded seminars
The discussion board can be geared to encourage on-going conversations, but
The WALL is where you really want to encourage conversations.

Go to your page, click on settings (just under the “What’s on your mind?” box)
Set your default view to “Posts by Page and Fans” – this lets people see who you are conversing with.

Static FBML – this is an app to create a Welcome Tabs for pages that you can use HTML to edit.
Welcome pages are helpful for people to see who are not yet fans and direct newcomers to “fan” your page. (That is, become a fan.)
Under “Edit Page” Set the Wall as your fans’ landing page and fans-to-be can have a nice informative & exciting welcome page! (I love FBML.)

RSS Graffiti is nice if you need to pull multiple RSS feeds into your fan page.

Or hire a Virtual IT Assistant to professionally design and setup a facebook fan page!