FaceBook Fan Pages

If you are planning on building your own business page then you should go to: http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php and see if it’s something you might be able to setup. It’s free to setup and I HIGHLY recommend it for any type of businesses.

If it looks a little over your head, or you want fast results without having to figure it all out, then contact Virtual IT Assistants to set it up for you! facebooklogo fan pages are a totally HOT new way to let businesses stay in touch with their customers/clients. And it allows your happy customers to share the love with their friends!

Business2.0 on Facebook – is my fan page for Virtual IT Assistants. (Mostly, I use it as a hub to keep other professionals informed on what’s new with fanpages and apps.)

I hope this helps. :) Make sure you become a fan of my pages and keep me posted if you setup a new page! We are always interested in what kind of things businesses are using their fan pages for.

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2. Post your small business webpage on the front wall.

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One thought on “FaceBook Fan Pages

  1. Marion Lathon

    Very interesting way to market on facebook. I also found a way to automate a couple very powerful methods of getting users. You can capture ID by groups or pages or wall posts with this software. Then once you have them you can do a friend blast to your logon or sudo profile. This by passes the captcha codes too. There is also a cool chat program that you can setup scripts and keyword to work with. This program, when I use it I can see a spike in my site traffic. It is awesome…

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