Facebook Fan Page Evolution

13 articles about facebook business and fan pages that accurately reflect the evolution of this social medium.


2007, The Opportunity Was Introduced

1. Why You Need to Make a Facebook Fan Page for Your Website NOW!

Article dated: 11/12/07

2008, We Were Still Comparing Options

2. Facebook Group vs Facebook Fan Page: What’s Better? * This has a great little comparison chart. (We love charts! :)

Article dated: 10/1/08

3. Facebook Pages vs. Myspace 2.0 * This one is out of order, but it fits here. The examples included are the important part.

Article dated: 10/2/09

4. How to: Create a Facebook Fan Page

Article dated: 2/20/09

In 2009, We Really Started Seeing the Potential

5. New Facebook Pages: A Guide for Social Media Marketers

Article dated: 3/4/09

Learning the Tricks

6. 5 Elements of a Successful Facebook Fan Page date

Article dated: 3/30/09

7. 8 Essential Apps for Your Brand’s Facebook Page

Article dated: 5/13/09

8. Does your company need a Facebook fan page? Some people were still dragging their feet on this one.

Article dated: 5/15/09

About Halfway Through 2009, We Started to See the Results

9. Killer Facebook Fan Pages: 5 Inspiring Case Studies

Article dated: 6/16/09

10. What Makes a Good Facebook Fan Page? * Note: This is a good article, but warning, there are no lists, sections, bullet points, or charts. ;)

Article dated: 7/11/09

11. HOW TO: Set Up a Winning Facebook Fan Page *Great examples included

Article dated: 9/22/09

12. Facebook Fan Page Best Practices – The Buzz Bin

Article dated: 11/2/09

facebook ads

13. Target Your Marketing Campaign with Facebook Ads

Article dated: 11/4/09

What will 2010 bring?

This is what I predict (or should I say hope?):

  • Even better apps
  • More mobility
  • Easier and better ways to share all types of media (Especially video)
  • A better understanding of the importance of social media outlets for feedback and information sharing
  • Setup your facebook fan page!