Who will read your biography?

The web log (aka blog) must be the modern answer to this question. Bloggers of every background have typed for countless hours recording the most profound truths and elaborate lies ever to be made internationally available by our world wide tangled web. Behind the mask of our computer screens we can disclose as much or as little as we measure necessary to connect with the reader. It could be said that this safety of anonymity provides the author a “safe haven” to be more honest and open about matters that define very purpose.

Be Brave, and Be Your Beautiful Self Online

Be Brave, and Be Your Beautiful Self Online

This is a liberty not otherwise granted in our tangible social lives due to fear of face to face confrontation and judgment. As long as we can abide by the e-laws of discretion and be careful not to abuse the power that our precious internet gives us, we can be anyone online.

We could even be. . .
our real selves.

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