Droplet is to Ocean as Choice is to Change

Both significant results: OCEANS and CHANGES, begin with perceivably insignificant ingredients.

Alone, no drop of water can sustain magnificent marine life such as blue whales that grow as large as 100 ft long and sea turtles that have been known to live as long as 250 yrs.

If you can try and imagine 74,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 drops of water coming together to make up the oceans you can easily imagine them being big enough for over a hundred million different species of fish and sea creatures to thrive.

What’s Up with the Ecosystem?

This week I’ve been looking into water conservation and what the current state of our water affairs are actually in. The more research I’ve done has disturbingly revealed quite a desperate imbalance of our ecosystem right now and how quickly our situation is getting worse.

Baby Steps Taken Together

If each of the 6 trillion+ individuals on this planet began to conserve just one glass full of water a day and then steadily join the efforts to begin purifying the water the we have …

How many fresh water lakes would we be saved from drying up?

How many sinkholes wouldn't happen because of our bleeding out underground water sources?


Photo CreditsLakes Dried Or Drying Up & Sinkholes

Is it always going to be human nature to want instant gratification? Are big improvements going to be impossible until there is an urgent, present need?

As individuals, we feel impossibly helpless to slow or reverse the impact of over-consumption and contamination of Earth’s fresh water.

Blue Gold: World Water WarsWe watch videos like: Blue Gold: World Water Wars
and see that there are some very real issues to be looked into.

Are we really poisoning and spreading our water sources too thin?

Questions that Need Your Answers

1. Where / When / How do We Start taking action and preventing rather than reacting in shocked horror to the degradation of the water cycle?

2. How can we, such insignificant creatures on this planet, have such a deadly depletion of a force of nature that has been roughly in it’s present life sustaining state for thousands upon thousands of years since the last ice age?

Hint: question number 2 is a statement in disguise.

Conserving and Purifying Water

  • 10 Ways to Conserve Water at home
  • Harvesting Rainwater (more Resources)
  • Learning more about water stocks – “Even as water supplies dwindle, demand is gradually increasing around the world with some analysts calling for global water usage to be 40 percent greater in 2050 than it was in 2000. Depleted aquifers and an aging and inefficient water infrastructure present opportunities for water investors – particularly in the water conservation and purification sectors.” – This info and more can be found at How to Invest Water Stocks by TradingStocks.me
  • Desalination desalinization, or desalinisation refers to any of several processes that remove some amount of salt and other minerals from water.

    – This is the process of transforming salty ocean water into fresh drinking water.

The Blue Gold movie discussed: Project Blue Alternative which highlighted some conservation groups getting together to build water catchments.