Do you want all of your Facebook friends to have your cell number?

What about giving your phone numbers to all of your Facebook friends’ friends?

(Bryan Bliss told this to my Facebook friend Chris Brogan. When he posted it, I checked it out, and it’s true so now I’m telling you.)

In case, you’d prefer that all of your Facebook friends not have access to your private phone number read this article.

What happened?
Facebook just published your private cell number.

Two responses are very appropriate here.

Response #1: COOL! How do I see all of my friends phone numbers?

  1. Go to top right of your screen
  2. Click “Account”
  3. Then “Edit Friends”
  4. Go to left side of your screen…and click  “Phonebook”.

Everyone’s phone numbers are now being published unless they have adjusted their privacy settings to prevent this.
Please let your friends know this is happening so they can adjust their settings and stay in control of their privacy.

Response #2: HELP! How do I adjust my phone information privacy settings in Facebook?

  1. Go to top right of your screen
  2. Click “Account”
  3. Go click on “Privacy Settings”
  4. Click on the “Customize Settings”
  5. Then scroll down to see your settings and you can set this information what you click the down arrow next to the option you want to edit.
  6. Click on “Customize”
  7. You can set this information to be seen by “Only Me” and keep it completely private if you wish.

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