Dial-up & Microsoft Mail Setup Instructions

When RnetInc transitioned over to another ISP called Phoenix of which I provided remote tech support for another year until it was bought out by Midwest Net. Dial-up service providers were dropping like flies at the time anyway due to the fast increase of high-speed internet access becoming more available. However, I am going to go ahead and post these simple instructions I wrote to setup a standard dial-up connection. The settings for phenxt. com are no longer valid, but the instructions would be about the same for other ISPs.

Where it says PROVIDER-NAME, insert your isp’s server/domain name.

To set up your PROVIDER-NAME dial-up phone number in Microsoft Vista, please follow the instructions below.

From your desktop click on “Start”
Click on “Connect to”
Click on “Set up a connection or network”
Click on “next”
Click on “Set up a dialup connection”
Click on “next”
Type in phone number
Type in user name @PROVIDER-NAME.com
Type in your password
Click on “remember password”
Type in connection name “PROVIDER-NAME dialup”

To add a Microsoft Mail account

Click on “Start”
Open E-mail/Windows mail
Click on “Tools”
Click on “Accounts”
Click on “add”
Click on “e-mail account”
Click on “next”
Type in your name as other will see when they receive your e-mail
Click on “next”
Type in email address@PROVIDER-NAME.com
Click on “next”
POP3 should be selected
Incoming mail server “mail.PROVIDER-NAME.com”
Outgoing mail server “mail.PROVIDER-NAME.com”
Check “outgoing server requires authentication”
Click on “next”
Enter e-mail address without “@PROVIDER-NAME.com”
Enter your password
Click on “remember password”
Click on “next”
Click on “finish”