Creativity – It Can Manifest Itself Anywhere

As I sit here, pondering what to write about in this week’s post, I kept coming back to one word…creativity.  Everyone knows what the word means, but as we enter into adulthood and into the workforce, whether that be outside the home or inside the home, we seem to lose that side of us.  I know I am guilty of that from time to time.  Believe it or not, I use to be an avid poetry writer.  I even kept a journal strewn with loose notes, paper napkins and such, with ideas and lines for future poems.  I still have that journal…and everything inside.  But, most of my ideas are still sitting idle, waiting to be used.  I’ve lost my creativity!

Some days I see glimpses of it and use that moment to write down what I see in my mind, but still the ideas go no further.  For some, this may be considered writer’s block, to others, just a lack of commitment on my part in getting a job done.  However you see it, it happens.  For those of us who blog…this could be detrimental to our success.  But it doesn’t have to be.  In researching creativity and how to get over that “hump”, so to speak, there is one saying that keeps resonating for me-“Step Outside of the Box.” 

So, I did.  I got up from my desk and walked outside to my back patio.  I wanted to see what was truly around me that would give me some sort of inspiration.

More than that, I let go of everything that was on my mind at that moment and just “was”.  I walked barefoot in the grass, listened to the wind and watched the leaves on some nearby trees sway to a beautifully orchestrated song.  At that moment I was truly at peace and where I was meant to be.

What follows is an excerpt on what I hope will be some day be the opening lines to my own published work:

Wind blows softly through her hair as she sits mesmerized by the sunflowers swaying in the distance.  The back and forth motion is much like the lapping of the river waters closely behind her.

Time seems to stand still as she sits pondering her life’s ambitions all the while listening to the river tell her its own story.

This is her time, her moment and where she goes from here is all up to her.

You may be asking yourself why I shared this with you or what relevance it has to this blog.  Well, our blog not only helps others with advice and tips on working from home, but it also shows our devoted readers a personal side and how we, as individuals, work through issues that you too, may be dealing with…like writer’s block.  When it comes to finding your creative side, whether it’s needed for a new marketing campaign, your first blog post, or finding that certain “something” that makes your company stand out from the rest,’ step outside the box’.  Get away from your comfort zone so that you can see things from a different perspective.  You never know what ideas you may come up with!

3 thoughts on “Creativity – It Can Manifest Itself Anywhere

  1. Raishawn

    I love your post. I am new to this whole blogging thing and I aspire to be a VA one of these days but my motivation keeps coming and going.

  2. Jennifer Gallaher - VAbyJen

    Hang in there and don’t let it get you down! Even seasoned bloggers get stuck some of the time. Good luck with your new journey to become a VA. Please know that we are here to help, so if you have any questions, just let us know!

  3. Leah Oviedo

    Creativity is important no matter what your career is. I have several idea notebooks. Not every idea I have is going to happen, but it is fun to write each one down. Just putting my ideas down on paper is so freeing!

    @Raishawn, There are lots of great resources out there. The best resource tho is having a mentor. Perhaps you can find a VA who will help you stay motivated. Or maybe you can team up with an entrepreneurial friend and keep each other motivated.

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