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This weekend, I just started putting my friends in friend lists on Facebook. (You may need to be logged into Facebook for some of these links to work.)

Why should you take advantage of Facebook friend lists?

Business 2.0 Fan Page on Facebook

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You have a lot of friends from a lot of places. The next time you want to share a link or a video, you can share with one specific group of your friends and not bother the others with info that doesn’t interest them. This especially helps for those of us who get a lot of our business on Facebook.

Once you get your lists in place, you can:

Send out an email to all of your friends in a list

Invite your list of friends to an event, group, or Facebook fan page. For a Facebook fan page, click on suggest to friends, then choose the filter to find the list you’d like to suggest to. See Picture. ->

And be assured that more targeted sharing technology will be utilized in the future.

Familiarize yourself with this technology now!

How to Add Friends to a Facebook Friend List

  1. Login to
  2. Go to “Accounts” in the top right corner
  3. Go down to “Edit Friends
  4. Click on “Friends” under Lists
    facebook friends
  5. Then you should see an alphabetical list of all of your friends in the middle section. It should look similar to the following:

  6. Click on the “Add to List” button and put them in a list!
  7. I just added Jen and Kena to my “Virtual Assistants” and “Virtual Business Owners” lists.

What to Name Your Facebook Friend Lists

You can have up to 100 lists and up to 1000 people in a list. These are some examples of list names you may want to consider:

  • Just Facebook Friends (Perhaps you’ve never met them IRL…yet.)
  • Church Friends (If you’ve ever made friends with someone at church.)
  • High School
  • College
  • Geeks not all of my friends are as excited about the new techie geeky stuff that I am. :) So it’s good to filter that stuff out for them.
  • Virtual Assistants (If you have a lot of VA friends.)
  • Farmville Friends (Yeah, on the weekends I am seriously a Farmville junkie and I am working it out so that not all my friends have to deal with my Farmville pop ups about how I found a lost cow and it needs to be adopted. LOL – only Farmville people will understand or appreciate that! It’s still a work in progress.)

If you are part of a club, list your friends who are part of it too. If you have had lots of different summer jobs, and kept in touch with friends you’ve made, remember where you met them, etc.

*Note: Don’t create a list called “annoying people” or “party animals” unless your friends are ok with being known as that. Your friends can see your lists and who is in them. You can hide your lists, but why risk losing friends because you created a Facebook friend list called: “losers”?

When to Start Grouping Friends

Even if you only have 10 friends so far, you can and should start creating lists right away. Start putting new friends in lists when you accept their friend request.

If you want to start your own virtual assistant list on Facebook, you can add the writers of this blog: Amber Whitener, Jennifer Gallaher, and Kena Roth.

2 thoughts on “Create Friend Lists in Facebook

  1. Janine Gregor

    Great post, thank you! So timely because I too just made friends lists this past weekend.

    One reason I like the lists is that if I click on that particular list of friends only the news feeds from that list is shown. So I can quickly glance at those feeds I might find to be important at that particular moment.

    One action I noticed that didn’t occur…once a friend has been assigned to a list, they still appear in the main list if you go back in and create a new list. After I check off their names, I would have liked the option to see who was remaining just so I could make sure I didn’t miss someone from the main group. But friends can be associated to more than one list so having the entire group of friends reappear each time a list is created makes that possible.

    Good tip on the naming of lists and keeping that all ‘cool’ so as not to hurt feelings.

    Thank you for the post. Friend lists are a great tool and I don’t know why I didn’t use it any sooner! :)

    Janine Gregor
    Virtual Assistant

  2. Amber Whitener - Virtual IT Assistant

    Janine said: “One reason I like the lists is that if I click on that particular list of friends only the news feeds from that list is shown. So I can quickly glance at those feeds I might find to be important at that particular moment.”

    Great point! Thanks Janine. :)


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