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New businesses need websites too. These posts will give you some tools to get yours started.

When it comes to something that you don’t want to waste your time and effort on something that might turn out generic looking, hire a professional Virtual IT Assistant.

Fun with Photos

In class, we were assigned to find an image editor for a website project, and if we couldn’t find one then we are to use Microsoft paint. (Ew.)

Well, I already had two websites lunapic and picnik I previously posted about that are online photo editors where you could do all kinds of nifty edits and special effects.

I decided to look up other free online/no download photo editors and I found two more fun sites for profile pics and what not.

Be on the cover of a magazine!

Upload your photo and play with the Photo Trix.

Photo Trix aren’t just for kids. :D Even grownups can have fun with these photo special effects.

These could be fun for

  • Facebook
  • Myspace
  • Twitter Avatars
  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • Fansites

Just thought I’d share. Have fun!

Getting Started with WordPress

This question/comment was from Dennis at

Hi there! I wonder if you could please assist me? I’m new to the internet and have just set up my personal new web site, but I don’t know how to do the rest of the design and and all that stuff. I discovered that WordPress is good for this and you can simply get theme’s. I actually like your theme and was inquiring if you could let me know where you got your theme, or if it is a custom one? Do also maybe know of any other places to get nice themes? Thank you for the help!

Hello Dennis! I actually wrote this theme, and I also use a bunch of different plugins to add the “bells and whistles” like the navigation bar etc.

As far as using WordPress for your new site, I recommend you go to and sign up for a free blog hosted there. Only because you say you’re a beginner, and you should make sure you are comfortable with the dashboard and blogging platform.

Installing self-hosted WordPress sites require knowledge of web development tools like PHP, CSS, and MySQL database setup. If you are comfortable with these languages, you can purchase some great blog themes at Berries and Cream Blog Designs, I know the coders and theme builders there and their code is clean and they comment well so that it’s easier to edit a bit if you like to tweak your own layouts etc.

Good Luck! Sincerely, Amber

Domain Life Expectancy

How long should I register your domain for?

Even for a startup business, it is advisable to register a domain for a minimum of 2 years. Search engines look at the date your domain expires, and if it is less than a year you will get a lower page score (Bing) and page rank (Google) right away.

Often it is cheaper to go ahead and register for 2 years than it is to register for 1 year and then 6 months down the road you realize that it is better search engine optimization to go ahead and tack on 1 or 2 more years of ownership.

★ Just renewed for 5 more years today. :)

Free Logo Creators

So, you’ve named your business. What’s next? Get a logo! Professional logos can really get expensive.

So try one of these two great websites, they offer free online logo creators. I posted 2 samples from each site.

These 2 are from This site offers you free little clipart that you can customize your logo with. Edit fonts, colors of the little pics etc. Good setup. :)





And these 2 are from CoolText is great because, it’s fast and you don’t have to sign up to use the app. But there are no pictures to include in your logo. This one is kind of my favorite ;)





Business Cards

And when it’s time to get it printed on business cards, has very competitive pricing for business cards and more. . .


This is just an example of one of  Free Business Cards offered under “Learn More about Business Cards”

Affiliate Link

WebSite Traffic

The five places to get website traffic.

1. Search Engines

After make sure your site has the best search engine optimizers, add your website to the top search engines.

google Submit here to add your site to Google.

bing Submit here to add your site to Bing.

yahoo Submit here to add your site to Yahoo.

50 top search engines This site allows you to submit your site to the web’s 50 top search engines for free and all at once.

2. Directories

DMOZ – the Open Directory Project

Once you are listed, check out the following options for generating website traffic and getting exposure.

3. Social Bookmarks

Use Social Bookmarks to your advantage!

My Profiles on My Favorite Social Bookmarking Services:
virtualitassistants on Delicious
FindingAnswers on Digg
darkbluesun on Reddit
FindingAnswers on StumbleUpon

4. Link Referral Sites

If you have a website and would like to generate traffic and get opinions on what you should change, then sign up for this service:

Link Referral

You, check out a few of there sites and leave them comments or suggestions and your rating goes up. Then others visit your site and leave you comments and your rating goes up more! ( Unless you have a site that is irrelevant to the topic you posted it under, or it needs a lot of work. In either case, someone will let you know! ) Here are the requirements:

  • visit 30 sites (they are grouped by categories.)
  • review 5 sites
  • post 1 post to their forum
  • and finally choose one favorite

It e-mails you reports of visits to your site, it’s working great so far!

5. Random Dynamic Sites

Vine Fire

So far, hasn’t received a lot of traffic from this site. But I think it is important to post due to the global traffic it generated for The XtremeBaking Blog – another site I run through Virtual IT Assistants.

Join Vinefire!

As you can see, I made 12$ the first day because you get 10$ to start, but I haven’t been back. And it’s not really clear HOW you get your money! LOL, the only reason I am leaving it up is because of the 20 hits I got on the xtreme baking blog. . . It has potential, but if I never see my 12$ I won’t be surprised, but I’ll let you know. It’ll be a new post. . . SCAMS & Time Wasters!

I will keep you posted on the effectiveness of these little traffic generators so stay tuned . . .

Update May 28, 2010:
According to the Topix forum responses, VineFire is no longer available. However, I am not going to delete this information in case anyone wonders why…
It was a SCAM! Not that they took any of your money. They just wasted your time.


Twitter traffic tools.

and many other social networking sites. Why Social Networking?

If you have any suggestions to add to this site, leave a comment and let me know! If you add value to this site, you will get the credit for it and we will link to your website or blog post that is relevant to the material.

What is

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

– Juliet (of Shakesheare’s Romeo and Juliet)

Choosing a URL is really difficult now days because so many of them are taken. Make sure that you are ready to register your domain name the instant you find out it’s available. Trust me. Don’t wait. I am so glad I got back when I did.

Darkbluesun is a random name I chose for my own personal domain when I was seventeen. Yep, I just made it up, and there is nothing more to say about that. I was kind of a geeky teen girl. ;) I have learned a lot in the past decade about web design and social network presence. A lot of my web developing had occurred in my spare time, until I went pro with Virtual IT Assistants.

I cannot believe how much fun it is to be a part of the web 2.0 and social networking business! All together, we are building a strong and exciting new economy through transparency and real people to people connections! Now that I have finally consolidated a lot of my blogs, I can use darkbluesun to share a extreme variety of different topics.