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Things Pixar Taught Me

Here’s what Pixar taught me. Pin your favorites!

Finding Nemo




Bug's Life

I have no ownership rights to the photos on this post. I’ve even shamelessly copied the concept of this post from someone else. The idea is great, but the execution is not so much. Their pics were kind of cute, but I shamelessly copied the idea and made it better! I have purchased the DVD/Platinum Extended/and or/Blu-ray versions of all of these movies and sequels except Ratatouille which we only ended up with the Wii game. Not sure why because I love that movie. – This is one of those ask for forgiveness rather than permission things. The Pixar movies are full of fun/inspiration/silly potential inspiration! And I guess I thought the quotes the great concept bloggers came up with were just too generic. (Sorry guys – I still loved your idea and it wasn’t terrible, in fact you were sort of inspirational to me. ;) ) see the “original”: Things Pixar taught me.

Dried Up Twits

I have noticed there are quite a few people who begin tweeting some very useful information. Like many technological marketing schemes they seemed to have gotten bored with the prospect of continuing their campaign (You’ve heard it before: “I tried it and Twitter is useless.”) or perhaps didn’t see the instant benefits of their effort or someone failed to measure their campaign’s success.

No matter what the reason, at any rate they discontinue tweeting and leave quite a wealth of knowledge behind for no one ever to see.

Sometimes, it’s not exactly a wealth of knowledge as much as some very handy tips to point us back to the path of success when we get lost in the muddle of information we get bombarded with elsewhere.

In the interest of saving this information, I have decided to weed out some of the better Twitter tips and put it back into good use via this blog when I happen across such morsels.

I will also add in a few Twitter tips here and there for you to launch or revive your own Twitter campaigns.

The new tag will be called: Dried Up Twits;) all in good fun.

Aquarian Strength

Somehow, I came across this article on StumbleUpon:

Hobbies That Could Make Money for Your Zodiac Sign
I am not a true believer in the zodiac stuff, but sometimes it’s a little scary how accurate it can be.


Aquarius Pictures, Images and PhotosThis visionary sign can do very well as a columnist, writer, or illustrator. This is because what they have to say is so unusual and seems to come from “left field.” Many are good at writing metaphysical material or science fiction. They also do well as online psychics or phone psychics. Quite a few Aquarians are inventors and many are able to parlay their creations into a lucrative part time job. They are also natural entrepreneurs so they do well in the virtual sales places of the internet. This sign also loves the photographic arts and can sell their photography or videos online. Along with their business savvy comes many creative talents as well. They are good at doing things such as designing their own websites and building a virtual empire. They can also easily parlay these talents into a career at designing sites or web businesses for others for others. They are also natural cinematographers and editors and some Aquarians are very good at scoring music for videos and movies as well. They do better than most signs at being freelancers because they can handle the stress of waiting to be assigned or paid.

Blogs That Teach You How to Make Money Online

The following is a comment/question from Mary Janet of

I have been following this blog for a while and think your very accurate with the information, do you have any other blogs I can follow or ones you recommend, especially on making money at home because those are the keywords I was researching the first time I saw your blog. I really enjoyed reading this. Mary Janet

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, Mary Janet. As far as work at home, I follow lots of different circles of people who make lots of money on line by legitimate means. The following is a list of people who do this and what it is they do to make all this money, and blogs to follow to keep up with what they are doing.

iJustine – makes lots of money by creating viral videos and getting lots of sponsors to get in on the unconventional, yet very effective publicity.

Chris Brogan’s social media posts makes a LOT of money teaching business people how to realize and leverage social media make your own rules for acquiring successful business online.

Gary Vaynerchuk preaches passion and consistency to make money, grow a healthy following, and just keep it real.

This year, three awesome and successful virtual assistants, (including yours truly ;) ) started a group blog together to share our strengths, methods, and moments of triumph in the virtual business world.

Of course none of these blogs will teach you specifically how you can make money from the comfort of your own home online. They are just some best of the best examples of how people found their specialty, become the very best at it, stay interesting, be helpful, and steadfastly passionate. If you come across others that you like, let me know! :)