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Dollar Store Anti-Aging Secrets

I was just watching Dr. Oz and they had a little segment about anti-aging stuff you can get at the dollar store. Who knew? So, I took some notes and now I am passing this along.

Aging Zone #1 is the Epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin)

Pumpkin Pie Filling and Exfoliating Mitts – This fights a dull appearance of your skin or blotchy complexion.

  1. Rub the pumpkin filling into your skin with the exfoliating mittens and the pumpkin apparently has an alpha-hydroxy acid that smooths the skin. The kind they used on the show was organic.
  2. Leave it on your face for a few minutes.
  3. Then scrub it off.

Even has a post about How to Make Your Own Alpha Hydroxy Mask; one of the ingredients is pumpkin pie filling! :) Maybe there really is something to it!

Aging Zone #2 is the Dermis (the layer of the skin that looks saggy and wrinkly)

Face Lotion with Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin C – Read those ingredients and make sure you find both of them in your lotion. This helps because the collagen is falling apart in the dermis. Anti-oxidants and Vitamin C on your skin is a great way to firm and tone them back up.

Apply once a day every morning. The vitamin C will kick in and start revitalizing that collagen.

Aging Zone #3 is the Fat (and you want to keep fat in some places… like your lips.)

Lip Plumpers look for them with Tribehenine

Aging Zone #4 is the Muscles (that cause smile lines)

Ginsing Tea Bags over crows feet etc.

Apparently, certain muscles cause creases in your skin. If you can relax the muscles around your eyes, then you relax the creases as well.

Want to see the the video? Here is Dr. Oz’s segment called: Dollar Store Anti-Aging Secrets.

Are You Following These Habits????

A few months back I came across an article written by Sarah Stebbins for “O” magazine, called “The 10 Habits of Highly Organized People.”  Now, I’m not normally an “O” magazine reader, but my mom is and she’ll mention articles of interest to me every so often.  As a matter of fact, I’m astonished she didn’t tell me about this one!  LOL 

At any rate, the article is pretty short and simple, which I happen to like, but makes total sense.  It’s relatable and easy to follow.  So many times when you read something about the habits of successful people, they seem so….unobtainable.  These don’t.   There are ten (10) insightful habits in all, but I’m only going to share a few of them with you.  The rest you can check out for yourself. 

  • Make peace with imperfectionI know this is a hard one, but I promise you, you’ll get the hang of it.  As long as you put forth your best effort, that’s good enough!  Striving to be perfect is exhausting and boring!  Besides, a little imperfection never hurt anyone, right?
  • Schedule regular decluttering sessionsWhy wait for a build-up?  Do you like feeling overwhelmed with stacks of paper everywhere?  Try scheduling 10-15 minutes of your time, say at the end of your day, going through your office, sorting through your mail or finally going through that pile of magazines on the floor that seems to continue to grow.  Even the littlest of things that you can put away in their rightful place will help you feel more at ease.
  •  Separate emotions from possessionsEver heard of the term ‘pack rat’?  Most of us know of someone or is that certain someone who can’t seem to get rid of anything because it reminds us of something or someone else.  Sentimentality has always been my weakness, however, I have learned over the years, that most of the material items I was holding on to were just that…material.  My memories won’t fade if I let go of that old sweatshirt from my father nor will my feelings for my husband fade away if I get rid of the dried up flowers from our anniversary.  There are memories attached to these things, yes, but honestly, I don’t need them and they are just taking up space.  So, I let them go.
  • Never label anything “miscellaneous”This one rocked my world!  Who doesn’t have a file somewhere labeled miscellaneous?  Do you know what all is in that file?  I sure didn’t.  But, the habit makes sense.  If you go through this folder, you’ll find either things you don’t need or things that should be filed elsewhere.  The article suggests making specific groups and then sorting your files that way.

I don’t know about you, but these habits are extremely easy to understand and follow. I love personal growth articles that only take a few minutes to read and motivate me for personal change.   I am looking forward to re-reading this article again and putting those thoughts out into the universe.

Finding Your Spiritual Path

On Oprah Show Series “Best Life Week”:

Happiness is about Being Connected, Present, and Alive
Breath yourself into this present moment.

Normal Thoughts About Change:

“This isn’t supposed to happen to me.”
So have peace in knowing that everything changes. New life can only come when things change and when things/situations/businesses die.
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Sick Brains

As the brain becomes ill, it limits your internal endorphin system that helps you manage anxiety, pain, and depression.

Cures/management of brain health: neural therapy, biofeedback therapy, stress management skills.

Information from Dr. Phil Show : Speaker Dr. Drank Lawless (sp?)

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About “Learned Helplessness”

Emotional & Mental State

Emotionally Paralyzing
Feeling Negative and Isolated Experience
Acceptance of the Dull Pain
Shutdown to Relationships
No Longer Protest When Attacked
Unable to See Opportunities to Rejuvenate Their Life – feel it’s pointless to try to change it.

Steps to Overcome
Know that You Can Change: Dr. Phil says tell yourself this.
Discover the True Cause of the Feelings of Futility
Acknowledge that Change Takes Time
& Seek Professional Help – suggests church pastor, therapist, or even a friend.