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Alternative Medicine for Acid Reflux

These alternative medication options were talked about on the Dr. Oz show today.

Before including any kind of alternative medicine, you should definitely talk to your doctor first.

If you have one of those prescription pushing physicians, do some research and find one who listens and knows and cares about you as an entire person and not just a list of symptoms. – (That part is my advice.)

Acid Reflux

The natural solution: Apple Cider Vinegar.

2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in 4 to 6 ounces of water

(Do not take if you have ulcers or other stomach issues unless you talk to your doctor first.)

Personal Experience:
This sounds kind of crazy to add acid to your system to cure acid reflux, but seriously it works. It helps your body digest and break down foods easier. I have used this remedy myself and I will never take Tums or Pepcid again!

Other alternative medicines mentioned:

Plant Therapy

How much plant life do you keep in your home or office environment?

There was a time that I had resigned myself to accept that I am terrible at taking care of plants and flowers.

I would have sworn that I was simply not able to keep them alive. I’d either forget about them or drown them. Plus, I never really had much of a yard to work with in attempt to have any kind of garden outside my home that’s for sure. The closest I ever came to being successful at growing anything was on Farmville. (Heh, yeah seriously.)

Then one day I was reading an article about herbs and their health improving properties, and I remembered that I had bought a few of those tiny herb kits at the dollar spot in Target.

I really have no idea why I purchased them other than the fact that I liked the adorable tiny pots that they came in. I know, it’s bad to do this. I actually avoid the dollar spot these days because I would always find something that would end up sitting in a box in a closet forgotten but taking up space.

Anyways, back to the point, I decided to dig out the little herb garden starter kits and try to grow them. To my surprise, they actually started growing! (See my photo of them above.)

I found nurturing the tiny little seeds to grow to be quite relaxing and rewarding.

This is an infant liquid medicine dispenser.

I gave them each tiny drops of water to drink every day. – Just enough to get the soil completely wet and I used an infant liquid medicine dispenser. (I know it probably sounds way to over-cautious to those of you with a green thumb, but like I said, I was pretty certain that when I took care of plants before I would either over or under water them.)

Because I enjoyed this little activity so much, I decided to look up the benefits of gardening. Turns out that leisure gardening is actually a newer type of therapy called horticulture therapy. Who knew?

From John Goodman’s Health Policy Blog post about Plant Therapy:

“A number of studies have already indicated that just looking at plants or nature can help alleviate stress, perceptions of pain and improve mood among patients. More recently, studies have gone further to indicate that the act of gardening can also have dramatic and restorative effects on health.”

The Mystery of Motivation

Sometimes, I get lucky and am sent an extremely encouraging message exactly when I need it.

This time, a little bonne bouche came in my junk mail folder (which I hardly ever check by-the-way). The subject of the email was The Mystery of Motivation. (Intriguing right?)

The following is a blog post by a member at SparkPeople, username: SHAPNUP. SparkPeople liked it enough to email it out to all of their e-newsletter subscribers. Note the social media trick here. Did you notice it? It was free content for them, and they encouraged their member by sharing her message.

How does motivation work? What makes us pick up our feet and do what we gotta do? Well, for me, motivation works the same way, backwards and forwards.

It’s like this…


  • I eat one Hershey’s Kiss. I am motivated to eat more. ◄ LOL! Isn’t that sadly true!?
  • My job is mostly sedentary. I am motivated to be less active.
  • My co-workers (mostly healthy weights) like to snack (on unhealthy foods). I am motivated to do the same.
  • I find comfort in certain foods. I am motivated to drug myself with them.
  • None of this takes much effort. I am motivated to do even less.


  • I read a success-story blog on Spark. My endorphins kick in. I am motivated to want success.
  • I skip an unhealthy snack. It isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I am motivated to do it again.
  • No pasta or pizza till I can’t breathe, and I sleep better. I am motivated to eat more healthfully and lightly.
  • Moving, even a little bit, raises my energy. I am motivated to move more.

What we feed grows.

If we feed the negative in our lives, it gets bigger. It becomes an unending cycle of drudgery and pain. And it continually gets worse. I am an EXPERT at feeding the negative. I think we all know how to do that.

If we feed the positive in our lives, it gets bigger. The cycle is now made up of health, strength, and energy. Feeding the positive, well, that’s a learning experience for me. It takes planning and effort and action. It takes overcoming LAZINESS, which I believe is a huge part of my negative cycle. I’m not so good at feeding the positive.
I’d like to get better at this myself.

This weekend I’ve been feeding both. Talk about confusion. No wonder my mind and body can’t quite get it together.

I’ve fed my negative cycle with poor food choices and poor sleep.

I’ve fed my positive cycle with lots of water and some great physical exertion. It’s a start.

My goal is to replace the negative with positive.
My goal is to replace negative with the positive… Hear hear!

Looks like my work is cut out for me.

How do you feed the positive in your life? What makes you pick up your feet and do what you gotta do?

(I put in a few things in bold, added a few bullet points, and a word or two in red; otherwise every word in black and white was hers.)

My final thoughts:
There is really not much one can add to this except that this motivational message can be applied to any aspect of our lives: business, family, friends, or our own health.

Whatever our goals are, we should surround ourselves with influences that will help us accomplish those goals. If we are always letting something or someone else discourage us, then isn’t failure practically inevitable?

What Time Is It On Your Body Clock?

So apparently (before environmental, psychological, or ecological interventions) we all have similar preset “settings” that regulate the body’s daily biological clock.

Does that mean there are more efficient times of the day to do certain tasks? Check out the information I came across this last week and judge for yourself…

(Referencing some info from the creative commons image found at the bottom of this post. The image can be found on wiki’s Circadian rhythm page.)

An Example of Your Circadian Rhythm Schedule

10:00AM High alertness (A good time to schedule work that must be done with extra precision?)

2:30PM Best coordination (The best time of day to do 4 things at once? If so, I wonder how long this period lasts! :D)

3:30PM Fastest reaction time (Best time of day to get a high score on Doodle Jump?)

5:00PM Greatest cardiovascular efficiency and muscle strength. (Hmmm… Anyone for some lite cardio before dinner? Why not ride your bike or take a brisk walk when your heart is already working at it’s highest efficiency?)

6:30PM Highest blood pressure

7:00PM Highest body temperature

9:00PM Melatonin secretion starts (Meaning: Your body starts getting the signals to start getting tired. Maybe we should start trying to listen to that message. I am preaching to myself of course, I am a recovering insomniac. :D The sad thing is, I am sort of serious.)

10PM or 11PM (A good time for Bed?)

2:00AM Deepest sleep
6am or 7am (A good time to wake up? Hopefully after you’ve had 8 hours right? ;) Who does that? Oh, wait… I actually do strive to. See my beating insomnia plan.)

7:30AM Melatonin secretion stops
Biological clock human

Goals for Me: to Make, Break, or Reconsider

I’m sitting alone (well at least I have no children sitting around me) in a random Starbucks contemplating all of the things that I am going to get accomplished this year.

Yep, it’s that time of year again. The kiddies are back to school, everyone’s back to a different schedule, and I am back to the same place I was a year ago (metaphorically speaking) when I wrote Change is Inevitable, Progress is Work.

It’s been a while since I wrote a post, so be prepared for all the info I’ve stored up! I am changing my schedule now, so I will be writing to you on Tuesdays from now on.

I have no idea why (perhaps it’s the very caffeinated iced coffee I am drinking despite the fact that I really don’t like coffee) but I have the strangest urge to type out all of my goals for myself, my family, and my work for the year. Like so many of you other virtual assistants, my life requires balance in three very distinct areas. Today I am going to write about how I have incorporated new habits to keep myself healthy and in top “working condition”.

1. Finding Balance for Myself

I must be healthy. This means:
to eat right
I wrote a post a few weeks ago about a documentary I watched called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. I had to write a post about this film because it has so many great points about how we jeopardize out healthy every time we don’t choose the foods we consume wisely.

We eat so much over-processed and vitamin/mineral depleted foods that our bodies are fighting a losing battle to stay healthy. Check out that movie to watch real people reverse the damage that years of poor eating habits caused.

to get enough sleep

“I found this great new medicine… It’s called sleep!” – I told this to my doctor during a checkup and she laughed and wrote it down and told me she had to use that.

Even though I said it with humor, I meant it earnestly.

Last September, I did a sort of health experiment with my sleep and actually made myself sleep 8 hours every night for a full month. Beating insomnia was well worth the effort.

After a few months of sleeping eight hours every single night, I felt amazing. Of course I have slacked off since then, but I am not nearly as bad as I was. :)

Sleep is the time of the day when the body rebuilds, repairs and re energizes for the next day. The skin is the largest organ of the body and without the proper levels of sleep, it will also be the largest age-showing part of your life. At the surface of the skin are millions of cells that die off each day due to environmental influences, dry skin and sun damage. While lotions and cream may ease the effects of these factors, sleep is the only regenerative cycle that can truly undo the effects of the day. Without enough sleep, the skin will be unable to rebuild those dead and dying cells and this is when aging occurs.

- Sleep and Anti Aging excerpt from the Top Anti Aging Website

and to exercise often enough.

In a post called Exercise? Blah, It Just Sounds Like More Work I wrote last November I wrote about exercise videos, and then last April I wrote about more spontaneous styles of exercise in Time for Recess.

I think the trick for exercise is simply keep changing it up so we don’t get bored. I love to run, so I’ve been running at least three times a week all summer.

What about you?
What do you have to do to keep yourself in top working condition?

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
It is currently available to watch from netflix instant queue if you want to check it out.

The Foundational Value of the Film
We eat so much over-processed and vitamin/mineral depleted foods that our bodies are fighting a losing battle to stay healthy. A pure juice fast is a semi-fanatical idea but it really opens your eyes to the benefits of restoring the nutrients back into your body to allow you to fight sickness and disease.

During the movie, they visited a juice bar in Australia that happened to claim that the following ailments can be cured or eased by putting these fruits and vegetables into a juicer and consuming them in all their natural glory. (Some of the concoctions really looked disgusting, but then again so does chocolate cake when you think about it.)

Ailments – and the natural supposed cures
Anemia – carrot spinach watercress
Arthritis – carrot cucumber beet grapefruit
Asthma – carrot celery grapefruit
Cellulite – apple ginger carrot beet
Cleansing Cocktail – carrot apple beet ginger
Cold – carrot parsley ginger garlic
Constipation – carrot spinach apple
Depression – carrot apple beet spinach
Diabetes – carrot celery parsley
Diarrhea – mixed vegetables
Eyes – carrot celery
Fatigue – carrot spinach/orange lemon grapefruit
Gout – carrot celery parsley
Hangover – pineapple honey brewers yeast
Headache – carrot celery parsley
Hemorroids – carrrot spinach
Hypertension – carrot spinach beet pineapple papaya
Impotence – carrot parsley cucumber orange papaya honey
Indigestion – carrot cabbage beet
Kidneys – carrot beet celery
Memory loss – peach lime banana brewers yeast
Menstral – pineapple ginger apple
Nervousness – carrot celery
Peptic Ulcer – carrot cabbage pineapple papaya
PMS pineapple banana soy milk spiru-tein
Stress – banana strawberry pear brewers yeast
Vericose Vein – cantelope banana kiwi