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Is Your Workspace Devoid of Music?

I have always loved music. Most people do. In my teens, I would listen to music all the time. I’m not really sure when I stopped listening to it all that much.

It’s just a common way we all experience things… or, in some cases, “get over” said experiences. It can be used sort of like a drug. Choose your poison: stimulant or depressant. :) Ok, so that’s being a little dramatic.

But seriously, isn’t our brain capable of be trained (or hardwired if you will) by all input from our environment? So what kind of music is constantly influencing you? Is it helping you? Or is it slowing you down?

Creating Online Playlists

This week I was looking for some good music to help me work and I started working on some playlists @

Here are two of them that are definitely a work in progress, but I decided to go ahead and share anyway…
Music that helps me stay focused and write without causing me to want to sing along and then forget what I was writing: Amber’s Writing Music

The type of music I like to listen to when I’m doing redundant or tedious things like coding or editing graphics: Music to Motivate a Little

I really don’t know if it is completely legal or not actually. I am assuming so, but some (really I’ve only happened across a couple of them) of the quality of the music files seem to be a little less than perfect quality… makes the service seem a little more shady.

Downloading Music for Free?

Speaking of shady… :) I accidentally stumbled upon a program called Free Youtube to MP3 Converter

And yes, I tried it out on some random video and it quickly and easily ripped me a copy of the audio as an .mp3 file. Nice.

When I first came across this I wondered to myself what could possibly be the legal use for such a tool that (according to Cnet’s has been downloaded more than 16 million times as of today’s date.

We live in the virtually real world right? So we all know that a high percentage (I would be afraid to even guess that percentage is out loud) of the 1,377,154 downloaders who had just downloaded the most recent version of the software this last week certain to be those who are using it just to rip off lots of music that, in truth, probably costs too much anyway. In the same breath I must declare that I agree that it’s terrible to steal and yada yada yada…

Regardless of that, my purpose for writing this post is not to talk about FBI warnings or data (including music file) security. I had to write about this juicy little program because it does also have promise to be used for the greater good.

So what could the legal uses of this software be?

You could use it to make your own little podcasts of educational videos posted to teach you how to do this or that. It could be a great way to expose up and coming artists by making it even easier to add their music into your playlist. It makes church music or any private sector choir music videos easily transferred to MP3.

Perhaps beginner artists could pay one company to shoot a video for them and not have to pay another recording studio to master an album for them… or maybe that’s a gray area. I don’t really know how the recording or producing business works so make sure you know what you’re doing.

I’m still working on the extra info about landing pages. It will have to wait until next week though. I was too excited to write about this topic this week. :)

Sick Brains

As the brain becomes ill, it limits your internal endorphin system that helps you manage anxiety, pain, and depression.

Cures/management of brain health: neural therapy, biofeedback therapy, stress management skills.

Information from Dr. Phil Show : Speaker Dr. Drank Lawless (sp?)

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Brain Research

My goal is to understand the Human Brain and document my findings as simply as possible.

Things I plan to learn about someday:

* anatomy of the Human Brain (Forebrain, Midbrain, Lowbrain)
* area #25 of the brain
* brain waves & EEG’s
* chemical reactions with different foods & medicine
* hormones
* left & right hemisphere
* sleep vs. rest

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Mind Research

I would like to understand the human mind and document my findings as simply as possible.

Things I plan to learn about someday:

* disorders, ADD, Bipolar, MPD
* dreams – r.e.m cycle
* motivation
* myths – telepathy, hypnosis
* personality
* type casting

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DISC Personality

DISC stands for of 4 main personality types:
” D ” – Dominant
” I ” – Influence
” S ” – Steadiness
” C ” – Conscientiousness

– Below, you will find a quick view version of the personality type characteristics.

Disc – Dominant

Is or wants to be: task-oriented and in control

dIsc – Influence

Is or wants to be: optimistic and with people

diSc – Steadiness

Is or wants to be: in a stable environment and patient

disC – Conscientiousness

Is or wants to be: analytical and detail oriented

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