The Self Conscious Smile

In middle school and high school, I thought I had “dodged a bullet” by not having to deal with braces. Well, the thing was, I was presented the idea as an option by the orthodontist that I visited at 13, maybe 14. The truth was, my teeth were pretty straight. However, I had a cross-bite. Whenever you have any kind of issue like that, let me tell you right now. . . it’s going to get worse. As soon as your wisdom teeth start coming in, it will get worse.

Not many people turn 25 and get braces. I did. I have no idea why, but I let a dentist (that I really didn’t like) convince me that I had to get braces. (I was clenching my teeth as I slept and hurting my jaw.) When it’s over, I will probably be very grateful. So, here I am, 26, and next month I’ll be 27.  I think I may have them for 2 more months, and seriously I have had these braces for so long it feels like I haven’t really been able to smile with confidence in almost 2 years. I wasn’t nearly as self conscious with crooked teeth. ;) I can’t wait to spend my 27th year without metal constantly cutting into the sides of my cheeks and spending forever and a day flossing. If I had gotten them when I was younger, then my teeth wouldn’t have needed them again. Not even after my wisdom teeth. Just maybe a retainer? I dunno.

The moral of the story:

If your kids have a need for braces. . . don’t let them avoid it. Make them get braces when they are younger, and their teeth aren’t already set in their ways! Besides, everyone looks goofy in during adolescence right? LOL! My daughter who is 7 1/2 already has her braces. And she LOVES them. Of course, it might just be because, mom has them so they must be cool right?