The Best of Intentions

First, I would like to apologize and thank my fellow colleagues, Amber Whitener and Kena Roth.  Without their understanding and support, I would not have been able to “slide by” these past few weeks.

Second, I want to apologize to our loyal readers here at Work at Home for Life, for not getting my posts done for the past few Wednesdays.  It has been unbelievably busy for me and my draft for this post unfortunately got lost in the shuffle.

You see, I am in the middle of a family and business move cross-country from the Pacific Northwest to Upstate New York, which started at the end of April and will hopefully end by this weekend!  With all of the confusion of the movers in our home packing everything but the kitchen sink up, literally, my draft for my post was packed!  OMG!!!

I had every intention of keeping up with my weekly posts here and staying on top of my client’s projects, all while driving 5-7 hours each day and entertaining a 3 yr-old in the back seat of my car. Boy did that quickly spin out of control!!!  What I thought would be a relatively easy move and transition was anything but.  I encountered wind storms, thunderstorms and snow along my journey cross-country and bouts of no internet access.  YIKES!!!!

No internet access?  How can that be?  I thought everyone had internet…NOPE!  And I seriously think we hit all of those areas while driving to our new home in upstate New York.  LOL  So, what is a smart VA gal to do?  Nothing.  That’s right, nothing.  I was all hooked up on my laptop and I even upgraded to a Blackberry phone so that I would be well connected…but to no avail.  I was devastated.  Not because I was going through internet withdrawals, but because even with all the planning and preparations I had made, I still wasn’t able to keep my word or deadlines.  I informed my clients and colleagues in advance of my impending move and kept them as informed as I could along the way.  I even worked on projects as time permitted, but it still bothered me.

What I had to realize is that even the best of intentions aren’t always enough.  Sometimes life just gets in the way and you need to take a step back and deal with your immediate needs first.  Everything else will still be there.  So, to all my friends, colleagues and clients….THANK YOU for your understanding and I APPRECIATE YOU ALL!!!

5 thoughts on “The Best of Intentions

  1. Kena Roth

    Jen..You own no apologies ;) I’m so glad you’ve made it safe and sound. Get settled in and enjoy the process. Like Amber said..We missed you!

    We appreciate you and all you do for our team. XOXO

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