Beating Insomnia Plan: Successful Since September

Ok, so I found this great medicine… it’s called SLEEP!

It took me about 2 weeks to realize how much better I feel when I am well rested. I really felt as if I was aging very quickly, and my eyes often looked dull, and I was extra grouchy sometimes.

Well, since the middle of September, I have been REALLY trying to get 8 hours of sleep every night. And I tell you what, I highly recommend it.

Of course, if you are like me and “used to” 5 hours maybe less sometimes, it’s difficult to get to sleep sometimes… The only advice I can give you for that is: “Keep trying.” It’s worth the energy you get when you finally get caught up.

Night 5

Bedtime: 11:45pm

Day 5

Woke up: 9:45am

Night 6

Bedtime: 11:30pm

Day 6

Woke Up: 9:00am

Night 7

Bedtime: 11:30pm

Day 7

Woke Up: 7:30am

Night 8


Day 8


Night 9


Day 9

and so on….