Beating Insomnia Plan – Day 1

Ok, so I don’t think that I have any sort of serious case with insomnia. However, I have been doing some reading because lately, my eyes are feeling tired. I shouldn’t say lately, I should say THIS YEAR, my eyes feel and look tired. I look at photos of myself and realize that I need to give them more rest. So, I wrote this post: How well do you sleep at night? and I decided that I would keep tabs on this here on my personal blog. I figure blogging about it makes me sort of more accountable so I might actually stick to it.

Habit to break #1: I was reading that you should NOT snack after dinner. (Oh my gosh! No Cheese Nips? No popcorn? No Doritos while I’m watching Jersey Shore!?!?!) Bummer, for real.

It’s true apparently, your body can’t sleep well while it’s trying to digest food. (Go figure.)

Night 1:

Bedtime: 11:11pm
Yeah, I felt like I was in grade school again. Keep in mind I usually see 3 and 4 am before I crash.

Nighttime snack: a little fruit and Cinnamon Life cereal
I know, I’m bad, but if I don’t have a little something to eat before taking my multi vitamin I get nauseous… not the “I’m a little sick to my tummy” kind, the “my stomach knows that it’s not real food and rejects it” kind. :/ (Blah, you probably didn’t want to know that. ;)

I know it’s still something, but I reasoned it’s probably easier to digest than many things.

(Morning After)

Day 1:

Woke up: 7:30ish am
Hmm, had my alarm set for 7am, I still must have hit the snooze like 4 times. :/ Maybe there is a little something to that sleep debt thing.

How did it feel to sleep for 8 hours?
I’m still tired today, but I am not quite as tired as yesterday. (went to bed at 3:15am had to get the kids to school the next morning so I got up at 7: 45 – I had the alarm set for 7, so I had to have hit snooze like 6 times … for real.)

The reason this is so important? Well, I’ve been learning a lot of what I am doing (only getting 3 or 4 hours of sleep) is really jeopardizing my health. I am starting to get super cranky in the evenings sometimes and well… there’s that tired look in my photos thing. Eight hours sounds like a HUGE part of the day to be sleeping, but I am very active and involved in everything so I think I need it.