Family Business Destroyed by Arson

I usually don’t care much about the news in Martinsville. Today was different.

business fire

My parents owned an ISP. I started doing tech support for that ISP at age 13. That was the beginning of my passion for technology. I learned as much as I could as often as I could (and still do). While most teens are out there dating and driving, I was on the computer. My favorite thing to do was learn HTML, a little bit of programming and new OS platforms. Like Windows, Unix, even DOS.

The fire was horrible, because my mother and father lost everything. A domino affect happened after this, my parents ended up closing shop. Because it was arson against the house next door that spread to the Rnet building, they fought tooth and toenail for the insurance company about getting the money to get setup again. Before they could get any resolution, RnetInc went into Bankruptcy and my Parents began losing everything that they ever worked for. Since 97, Rnet was everything to my parents. They even mortgaged their house to use the money and invest in projects that Rnet had going on in Lafayette, Chicago, and even St. Louis, MS. They had just signed a million dollar deal. It might have even been the first time in my dad’s life where he really felt successful.

My parents are not bad people. So why did this happen? Dad still works at his full time at his job at the power plant he’s worked at for 25+ years.

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