101 Reasons to Work at Home

A special dedication to the stay at home mom and stay at home dad.

virtual office

  1. Because of all the resources available on this fabulous internet, you can really start for free.
  2. To get to decide: PJs, casual or business suit
  3. Because cubicles stifle energy.
  4. Have the control to live a healthy, balanced life.
  5. It’s necessary for most business people to outsource work to trained and motivated people like you.
  6. So you can work whenever you like.
  7. So you can work wherever you like on free WiFi. Please use proper security measures (e.g. firewalls & virus scanners) when using wireless internet connections with others. Be sure not to log into banks etc. when working over open internet sources.
  8. Because technology gives you an opportunity to be transparent and stay connected with clients and employers that small and solo business has never had before!
  9. So your skills don’t get rusty while taking time out of your great career to raise kids, write that novel, travel the world etc.
  10. So you can even opt for educational entertainment like watching FEDUP or catch up on the news when you are doing something very tedious like editing photos or moving large databases from on server to another etc.
  11. To Start a Business

  12. You already have a computer and an internet connection. (If you do not have a computer or the internet, you will need to find a source. Business technology is worth the investment, otherwise you will have to make due with a public kiosk or library computer which are not secure enough or meant for business use.)
  13. You already know what type of jobs you can do online.
  14. You already know where to get a free logo!
  15. It is easy to decide whether you need to setup a blog site or web site.
  16. You know where you can set up a free web site or blog.
  17. Communicating with Clients in Small Business

  18. You know where to setup a free email address for your business.
  19. Marketing a Small Business

  20. You know how to get traffic to your website.
  21. You know that social networking is important .
  22. It’s fun to develop creative advertisements.
  23. You OWN twitter (not really but), you do have access to all the best twitter tools.
  24. Work at Home Parents

  25. So parenthood doesn’t have to be just your part time job.
  26. Because you don’t want to miss out on raising your kids.
  27. You miss too many little things.
  28. You miss too many big things: first steps, first words
  29. And too many other firsts to count.
  30. Because you know you can stay connected with other Work at Home Parents on Facebook.
  31. You know that if you aren’t happy, you aren’t going to be the best parent you can be.
  32. Your kids will motivate you, and enrich your life more than you can understand as an 8-5er.
  33. To stop paying thousands of dollars a year for daycare.
  34. Keep your kids away from daily doses of the germs they’ll come in contact with at day care. (They get plenty of virus and bacteria exposure at the park, libraries, grocery stores, and play dates don’t they?)
  35. So you can “eat” all the pretend food and drink as much water out of tiny teacups as you want. ;)
  36. As working parents, we never get to take sick days for ourselves. In fact we are used to working when we are sick, but now if you get the sniffles it’s not so miserable.
  37. You don’t have to send your kids to school or daycare when they are sick. (You know how it is, hearing them say they don’t feel good yet hoping you can get through a meeting before you get the call from school.)
  38. Love and Marriage

  39. Or the best spouse or partner.
  40. To have a better sex life.
  41. (I’m sorry for all of those out there with significant others. The thing about working at home vs. out of the house is that there are so many personal benefits that improve your life that they tend to also improve the states of many of your close relationships.)

  42. You don’t want to spend and hour a day commuting(sometimes longer when you drive kids to childcare).
  43. Because commuting is more expensive than you realize. Commute Cost Calculator
  44. Your kids will appreciate it. As long as you can keep a balance of work and family.
  45. You know that you should NOT work longer than 2 hours at one setting time!
  46. You want to go to college and finish that degree you planned on finishing before you started at the bottom.
  47. You need more than 5 hours of sleep every night.
  48. You know how to eat healthy while working at home.
  49. You can sit down and write out a business plan for yourself.
  50. You have to come first in your life, this is true to some degree even if you are a parent.
  51. So you can help people
  52. So you can get paid for helping people.
  53. You know where to find work at home jobs.
  54. You know NEVER to give out your credit card or bank account numbers to someone who is hiring you for work at home. (If they are asking for money from you, it’s a SCAM)
  55. A balanced life is the only way to live.
  56. So that you can live in the moment. . .
  57. instead of getting to the moment
  58. You know better than to over promise your time.
  59. So you can fully appreciate the very high tech machines that roll up the toilet paper at the toilet paper factory, when your 2 year old unravels it almost every time he goes potty. You can never roll it back up as neatly as it was.
  60. You know this is what life is all about.
  61. You believe in honesty, hard work, and enjoying what you do (see online money making secrets)
  62. Your goal is to stay on your career path.
  63. Business professionals need people like you to outsource your talents.
  64. You can stop and go to the park whenever you want to.
  65. So you can learn what it is to just be where you are.
  66. You have one spot in your house that can be dedicated to your physical workspace.
  67. Listen to your favorite music.
  68. To make up your own rules.
  69. Do the work that you want to do.
  70. Every day you have a choice to either Live to Work or Work to Live.
  71. Enjoy working with whomever you want to work with.
  72. To get the experience to become an Expert.
  73. You can google free online training on almost any online job.
  74. Even if you are on disability, you can still share your values and experience with the business world.
  75. You will have increased productivity if you don’t have to worry about where your child is.
  76. And you know to keep all your work stuff on one computer and to back it up weekly at least.
  77. No more over paying for pop machine drinks.
  78. Keep your office at a temperature that is comfortable for you.
  79. You don’t have to work for hours on end. Everyone knows that your attention span is NOT 8 hours long.
  80. You don’t have to restrict yourself to one employer.
  81. Job security is difficult to measure in an economic recession.
  82. Save the mileage on your vehicle.
  83. You shouldn’t have to choose career over kids.
  84. Find your mission in your professional life.
  85. Pay the bills.
  86. Take a vacation.
  87. You can stock your fridge with your favorite healthy snacks and drinks.
  88. Have dinner ready on time.
  89. Have time for your friends, your parents, your in-laws and grandparents.
  90. You can network with other stay at home parents. (In fact visit my profiles and add me!) You’ll never have to be lonely.
  91. I read somewhere “I am my best person when I don’t have too much on my plate.”
  92. Appreciate what it that feels like.
  93. Stop and play an online game until your afternoon caffeinated tea kicks in!
  94. For the peace of mind that you have found a solution.
  95. But you should have the option to stay on your career path.
  96. It is more rewarding than you can imagine.
  97. You have the “know how”, you can setup the “how to”.
  98. To become free
  99. Become strong and healthy.
  100. You only live once.
  101. You are the only one in control of your life.
  102. You can take responsibility.
  103. You are the only one to who can be you.
  104. Live your life to your fullest potential.
  105. Choose your hourly wages.
  106. You can decide when you are ready to rejoin the real business world. And since you have stayed connected to it virtually, it won’t be a difficult re-transition.
  107. And finally, among all the decisions you make in a lifetime, you won’t regret this one.

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