Talking to Our Kids About Feelings


Feelings. Is it important to talk to our kids about how to deal with their feelings? Many see it as an innate skill. It’s not something most parents think about. We are too busy making sure they brush their teeth properly and get to bed at a decent hour and get their homework done every… continue reading

How to Have a GOOD Day (in 4 Steps)

Young beautiful girl driver in glasses with a wheel

Take just 2 minutes right now to give yourself back the power to choose whether your day is good or bad. If the day starts poorly or even just average, you can fall back on this 4 step process. (You’ll never need more than two minutes to do it… except the first time it may… continue reading

Ultimate Collection of Free Stock Photo Sites

Here is a fabulous collection of sites where you can search for amazing free and of good quality vector images and stock photos. Have a look at these sites, and share any great free stock photo sites with us all in the comments. Some of the sites listed offer free stock photos only for personal… continue reading

Write Now: Simple Writing Dos and Don’ts

write now

Note: If you already have a main idea / topic for writing and simply need help getting started, skip to the last section: Do: GET STARTED NOW. Do start with a purpose and stay focused on your topic! Ask yourself: “What do I want my reader to learn and/or feel after reading my article?” Write… continue reading

Starting your day with non-GMO Cheerios?


Have you heard the news about Cheerios yet? General Mills begins selling Cheerios without genetically modified ingredients A large company like General Mills turning away from genetically modified cornstarch and genetically modified sugar must be an EXPENSIVE undertaking, I thought. So I looked into this more. The FDA says the GMO’s have been in… continue reading

A $1 Here and a $1 There

Taco Bell Supporting Your Community

Christmas Charity A few months ago, I realized something. Many stores I was going to would ask me to donate a dollar for one charity or another. Costco asked me to donate to Riley Hospital, Walgreens would ask for a dollar for the American Cancer Society, and now I must confess that I even enjoy… continue reading